protect your data

Computer’s are cheap, but data can be priceless.

One of the things people are wary of is losing their data. Whether it is essential business files, family vacation photos or term papers, everyone has data on their computer that is too invaluable to lose. Several unforeseen circumstances could make you lose vital data, which is why backing up your data will help you scale through the loss like a champ. Regular data backup will help you avoid the devastating feeling you get when you discover that all the treasured memories and data you have worked so hard on are gone into thin air.

Data backup is also a vital tool that keeps your business moving without a hitch, more than 50% of all businesses experience data break or cyber-attack that puts their brand reputation, customer trust and customer loyalty at risk. More than a quarter of these companies lose vital business opportunities and lose more than 20% of their customers.

Several factors lead to data loss which includes viruses, ransomware, and hackers. With these types of threat, every business and individual is at risk.  It just a matter of time before one of these threats come knocking.

While making several copies of your files from your computer to prevent loss of data is a good move, the task could be onerous, and with a virus-laden computer, it might not be a great choice. The best option for safeguarding your data is cloud backup.  It not only saves your data, but it also protects your computer from unwanted attacks. The availability of low-cost cloud backup means security and provides a more convenient way of keeping your data.

Most people would try to weigh the benefits of paying for a cloud back up, here are some of the benefits you get for using cloud backup.

Reliable data protection: cloud backup protects you from different types of disasters that could affect your data so that you can have guaranteed protection from data loss.

Data security: apart from worrying about losing data, data security is also important, most unprotected files are usually at risk of data compromise. The cloud backup uses an encryption process to ensure data security. The end to end encryption also means that your data is backed up in several locations, so you never have to worry about losing it.

Data accessibility: the interesting thing about cloud backup is that it is mobile and can be accessed anywhere across any mobile device, you don’t have to use a particular gadget to access your data.

Compatibility: on other backup systems, compatibility is always an issue but cloud backup is highly compatible, and the quality is always intact.

Cost effective: there are many options for cloud backup services that make it easier to secure your data in exchange for a token.

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