For whatever reason I have avoided having a business Facebook for a long time. I guess I did not want people to disregard my actual website. The truth however is that Facebook is probably the fastest way to get quick information to you, my customers. I have always relied on word of mouth as my best advertising source. Make people happy and they will tell other people. Recently I sat down and spoke with Lou of “I Love My Island” on Facebook and MerrittIslandNow.com and he said Facebook advertising really is just word of mouth but on a concentrated scale. So I have finally “gotten with the times” and created my business Facebook. It is still in very preliminary stages but there is much more to come I assure you! I will definitely be posting some discounts, etc for “Liking” us on Facebook. On top of that I will be posting on “I Love My Island” as well very soon and encourage you all to go “Like” them too. They are a great way to keep up on deals and upcoming events in our area. As well as just a wealth of information from and about the community.  Our Facebook is now planted at Facebook.com/Virusbusters321

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  • Belinda Says:

    I totally agree with your reasoning behind developing a facebook page because it continues in the same vein as “word of mouth” without losing the small town personal touch. However, I would encourage you to also go to http://www.linkedin.com and create a page for your company as well because it too does the same thing. You don’t have to really “do” anything proactive – just keep everything linked together – and both will serve to lift the advertising to higher levels than where you are right now.

  • Charlie Says:

    Good move, Jonathan. Face book will help and the new location will also help.

    For your readers, I have been utilizing Jonathan for my computer needs for about 12 years. He does magical repairs with great prices. I have recommended him to a lot of friends and they all echo my comments.

    Reconditioned, new and repairs. He does it all.

    Good luck, Jonathan

  • Scott Says:

    Thanks for your awesome service. I will repeat for all my computer, phone, console and cloud storage needs!! A++++

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