At FX Enterprises, we’re always happy to answer your tech questions, time and experience permitting. It’d be a great help to us and perhaps to you as well, however, if you’d check out the following list of frequently asked questions prior to contacting us. Chances are good that you’ll find your answer here! If not, proceed to the Contact page to email or call us, or just drop in sometime (map and directions are on the Home page).

Do you fix computers?

Yes (we actually get asked this a lot). You can see a full list of items we repair on our Services page.

What is your price/turnaround time for ___________?

You can see a full list of prices and turnaround times on our Services page.

What kind of computers do you have for sale?

Primarily Windows/PC, but all flavors. We get quality used computers from various sources, as we’re licensed for purchasing and reselling used equipment, but also frequent auctions and bulk sales for volume quantities of towers and laptops. As for new computers, we do custom builds. We have two primary guideline builds; one oriented towards everyday use, and one geared for high-end use like gaming and 3D/video editing. These guideline builds are just that, however, and we’re happy to hear your needs and build a computer custom-tailored to suit you.

Why is my repair taking longer than expected?

We take pride in our WAY-faster-than-average turnaround times (we do most repairs in a fraction of the time other shops do). Due to circumstances beyond our control, however, some repairs wind up taking longer than expected (though a great deal more wind up taking less than the estimated amount of time).

If your repair required a part, there’s a good chance we’re waiting on the part to arrive. By not stocking every part for every model of every make of every consumer electronic device under the sun, we eliminate a great deal of capital loss in unused inventory; a key part of keeping down costs to the consumer. As such, adverse weather conditions, shipping center holidays and other unforseeable circumstances may prevent speedy delivery of your parts.

If your repair requires outsourcing, such as certain video game console services or laptop motherboard repairs, shipping (see above paragraph) plays a role, as do circumstances in and around the repair center. To keep down costs to the consumer, we deal exclusively with small but highly reputable businesses like our own. Occasionally, shortages on parts or supplies, shipping issues, or other unforseeable circumstances.