Virusbusters Maintenance App

Recently we had our own custom maintenance app designed. We are offering it to you for free! This tiny program has a number of handy features. As soon as it is installed it begins creating System Restore Points twice daily. System restore points take up hardly any space, and many PC issues can be resolved by simply rolling back to an earlier point. It also has a “Routine Maintenance” button that with 1 click will clear cookies, caches, temp files, system clutter, defrag your hard drive and much more! It utilizes the freeware CCleaner and Defraggler engines as well as several others. There is a “Fix Internet Connection” function which clears/resets/defaults tons of easily corruptible internet connection settings. It also has our information, as well as a contact us email link, and a link to our new “Virtual House-call Remote Service” which I will write about in our next blog. This free program is available for download at: Virusbusters Maintenance

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  • A. Glenn Says:

    These people are fantastic!! I can’t say enough good about their service, their knowledge or their courteousness! They seemed glad to see me when I came in & no matter how stupid my questions sounded they happily answered. When I tried to explain what I wanted done they said they understood. When I picked up my computers, they were very busy yet quickly waited on me, and 1 computer was unfixable & the other was just fine. Now that I’ve had the computer home & in use I find that my computer is faster, & the way it used to be when I first got it. Their Virus Buster program is outstanding!!! These people are at the top of their field!

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